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LEAM CONSULTING is the foremost consulting firm which stands out in areas of professional certification training, HR advisory services, Business Development/Startup and IT consulting services in Nigeria. We have a proven track record delivering excellent courses to individuals and corporate organizations. The structure of our courses and materials are based on international standards and accreditations in HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. We train according to the global best practices with qualified and certified instructors/facilitator taking you through the training process. We have trained over 3000 career fulfilled clients and still counting. You just have to be the next individual, business, organization to experience a career boost, performance development and business success with LEAM Consulting.

Our services also includes: HR advisory services, recruitment and selection for SMEs, professional CV and Cover letter writing/appraisal, Business Development, Advertising and Branding, Digital Marketing, IT Consulting and lots more…




Our Features

Our Mission

To provides professional certification training, expert advice and solutions for clients requiring specialised services, mainly in the fields of consulting, Training and development, procurement services, HR advisory services, customer care management, information and communication technology. We are passionate to bringing out the best you ever imagine in what you do.

 Our Vision

Aim to be recognised as: A partner of choice by our clients across all field. Delivering services based on real needs Technologically advanced in our fields of expertise while remaining practical and business oriented Adding value to clients’ projects, businesses and development. An object of loyalty and accountable for our actions. The best professional training firm you can always depend on for tangible knowledge.

Our Philosophy

– Clients: LEAM consulting believes that, in order to succeed, we must contribute to the success of our clients.

– Staff : The firm’s performance and abilities are only as good as the staff we are able to attract, develop and retain.

– Technology: A cornerstone of Leam consulting’s philosophy is to develop and embrace new technologies and methodologies to the advantage of our clients and our business.

– Co-operation: LEAM Consulting encourages co-operation and communication between our international offices, and works with international partners to the best advantage of clients.

– Growth: It is LEAM consulting’s view that growth of our business must be in response to the requirements of clients. Growth can only be pursued with carefully selected staff members.

Our Objectives

– Maintaining broadly based employee ownership.

– Providing an environment for a satisfying and challenging career.

– Providing an umbrella for ambitious individuals to grow their client base.

– Maintaining an environment which is conducive to innovative thinking and solutions.

– Recognising and rewarding excellence and achievement.

– Fostering a unified corporate culture.