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The starting point in discussing how projects should be properly managed is to first understand what a project is and, just as importantly, what it is not. People have been undertaking projects since the earliest days of organized human activity. The hunting parties of our prehistoric ancestors were projects, for example; they were temporary undertakings directed at the goal of obtaining meat for the community. Large complex projects have also been with us for a long time. The pyramids and the Great Wall of China were in their day of roughly the same dimensions as the Apollo project to send men to the moon. We use the term “project” frequently in our daily conversations. A husband, for example may tell his wife, “My main project for this weekend is to straighten out the garage.” Going hunting, building pyramids, and fixing faucets all share certain features that make them projects.

Adrienne Watt.

Project Management course is one of the most industry recognized certification for project managers. Your ability as a project management are in high demand as a organizations strive to deliver successful projects at a faster and productive way in other to keep their relevancies in the business world. This course also gives a wide range of opportunities to individual in making them knowledgeable and a talent to hunt after in the co-operate world .The training would prepare individual for knowledge and career in:

  • Project Management
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Business Manager
  • Portfolio Manager and more.

The course is a direct knowledge from the international standard and will cover the following knowledge areas:

  • Project integration management
  • Project scope management
  • Project time management
  • Project cost management
  • Project quality management
  • Project human resource management
  • Project communication management
  • Project risk management
  • Project procurement management
  • Project stakeholder’s management.

At the end of this course, candidate would be awarded Associate Professional in Project Management (APHRM) certification from the Resources Management Certification Institute (RMCI.UK). There are other advanced certifications like the Professional in Project Management (PPM) and Senior Professional in Project Management (SPPM).


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